It all started with a wonderful dream when I was a little girl.

"Daddy I wanna play trombone!" My father looked at me weird and seemed to be surprised where that came from. My parents at the time were not agreeing to feed such an idea and helped me to move into a different direction. The dream was put to sleep...

Always in love with music though, I finished the whole regular school education and later decided to study engineering. I moved to Berlin, got my diploma and worked in the field of mechanical engineering. While working professionally as "a pipe expert" the multicultural influence of Berlin exposed me to more than what pipes could do for buildings only, they could also make noise! 
The trombone, a moving pipe! What a wonderful discovery!!!

The old dream popped up as a refreshing invitation to new adventures and experiences. Still working, I started to take lessons and the love of my childhood dream was instantly reborn.

Then in 1997 I moved to New York to learn from the best like Art Baron, Jack Gale, Douglas Purviance, Conrad Herwig and Luis Diego Bonilla, just to mention a few. Over the years living in New York exposed me to a million musicians of all levels. I started to play with various bands in various styles of music. While going along I discovered my talent for arranging and composing - writing music. Which lead me to enter the Jazz program at Queens College to get my Masters of Music. The possibilities at Queens College with such wonderful teachers like Michael Phillip Mossman and Antonio Hart opened up doors to grow strong into a totally new field! 
Of all styles of music I studied, I developed a special love for Latin music. Living for four years in the Bronx immersed me in the music with it's special rhythms and it's culture. I will never forget how I was blown away by my first Afro Cuban Music experience in Bobby Sanabria's New School big band class first when I got to NYC, what a great teacher he is!

Today I work as a freelance trombonist -musician, teacher, arranger, composer and band leader. I have been teaching advanced band, trombone and recorder for the Brooklyn Conservatory since 2007. I work with different big bands, small bands, Latin bands, Motown bands, Blues Bands, Rock bands, theater show bands etc..​ My instruments are tenor trombone, bass trombone and tuba,​ but not to forget also vocal and percussion.

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My Story

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