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BluChaCha is a continuation of my former Band La Verdad.  In between I collaborated with different people, playing and writing different styles of music, also with different instrumentation.

My passion for Latin Rhythms though called me back to the former concept of La Verdad with 3 trombones and a hot rhythm section. But now influenced deeply by Funk, Blues, Soul ect. and of course great musicians, I had to create a cross over! Heavy lived lives don't go by without growth! 

There it was born the new baby "BluChaCha" Now my new band is back to three trombones, the hot rhythm section with drums, piano, bass and percussion but I added guitar and flute! Over the years I played with Willie Hernandez - my flutist - sooo much that we became best friends. I had to have him in in the band plus it sounds just great!! 

BluChaCha exists since late summer of 2014. We are playing tunes from my La Verdad album "Buddies & Bones" but I am constantly writing and arranging new tunes for the band, originals and also well known standards.

But here are the best news:

My friends have been pushing me to sing for years. Never could I have imagine me singing until I started to sing chorus with Willie and the F.B. Band and it worked well! But singing a real song??! So I always said: "If I ever start singing I have to start with something I know."

Now here is the story: When I was about 5 years old I sang along with my parent's 45's German Pop Songs we call Schlager from the 60's and early 70's. I remember such joy and love for music that I never forgot. Only those memories could give me the confidence to get started I thought. I finally wrote arrangements and now sing German Schlager over home cooked Latin beats!

​With Love, Vera "Trombonita" Kemper