BluChaCha - Slowvisor

at the Record Release Party of "Latin Lady Schlager" 12.19.2018 at The Cutting Room in NYC. 

Thanks to Steve Walter (Cutting Room owner) and Gerard Hoffmann (Cutting Room sound engineer) who made it all happen for us! Also big thanks to Danny Flam and Motty Engel making the video come alive! But the biggest thanks go to my dear friend Mark Dingerkus who sponsored it all! 

Please also watch Liebeskummer lohnt Sich nicht from the same night, Heavy Beauty and Viele Worte Schöne Worte !


German Schlager - Heiss ist der Kaffee in san Jose, by BluChacha in October 2017

Thank you John Wilpers!

John is a music lover and journalist. He put this beautiful clip together! Please see for yourself. 


German Schlager - Liebeskummer lohnt sich nicht, by BluChaCha in December 2017    

BluChaCha at Hanks playing a Christmas show!

That's how the crowd enjoyed our lunch gig at 51st St and Park Ave. Aug 3rd 2017!

Heavy Beauty - Original by Vera Kemper,

by BluChaCha in October 2017

Copyright Vera Kemper. All rights reserved. 

Dance Party Silhouette Clip Art via:​

Trombone Paint Shot by:

BluChaCha plays a block party out in Red Hook for the NYFD!

German Schalger - Wärst Du doch in Düsseldorf geblieben, by BluChaCha in December 2017 

A compilation of a great night at TheShrine in July 2017

Meet my Mother by BluChaCha

The last video of our live recording session in the house this October 2017 with Danny Flam, a great recording engineer and an amazing trombonist himself, one of the finest!

Thank you Danny!!