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Latin - Schlager!
Trombonita sings German Hit Parade Schlager from the late 60's - early 70's with all new arrangements over a Latin feel!

Blu Cha CHa

Blu Cha Cha is a versatile Latin Jazz Band based on rhythms like Salsa, Bossa, Nova, Samba, 

Boogaloo, Bolero and not to forget Cha Cha!

But we also like to cross over to Blues, Jazz Rock, Funk, R&B, Motown, Ska and Raggae and be surprised by our very special spice: Latin - Schlager

One thing is super clear:

You want to dance to the GROOVE!!!

Vera "Trombonita" Kemper

​​I couldn't do it without them:

Willie Hernandez - Flute/ Percussion

Carl Reinlib - Trombone/ Guitar

Dan Fusco - Trombone

Howard Hall - Piano

Richie Robles - Bass

Dave Birchard - Drums

Cruz Rodriguesz - Congas

Sometimes with us:

Jack Davis - Trombone/ Percussion

Jesse Walace - Drums/ Percussion

Art Lillart - Drums

Gerald Lindsey - Bass

Jack Glottman - Piano

Danny Flam - Trombone

John Speck - Trombone

Joel Cruz - Saxes/ flute